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            A Tribute To Taffy


This is a tribute to our beautiful old cat Taffy. She was around 19 years old. We're not sure of her exact age, she may have been older. But the vet said around 19 so that is what we will say. She was at least 14 when she showed up one day in 1994 at my mom's house. She decided to stay and we all came to love her very much. Taffy crossed the Rainbow Bridge January 30, 2001. This is a picture gallery of her.


She rubbed her ear when she was pleased.

These are but a few pictures of our lovely old softie. Visit the next page to see the clubs and such that Taffy
belonged to. She was a member of the Cats R Us team for the CLAW intramural hunts and a member of several cat clubs across the internet. She was a proud member of the Older Cat's Society and a graduate of the original CLAW University. Taffy lived a long and happy life. We miss our old softie.

 Taffy's Clubs and activities