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The midi is playing "All That Jazz" from the musical Chicago

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I'm having a great senior year!!! That about sums it up. :)

Lately I have been getting back in contact with soooo many friends that I haven't talked to in a while...like Jessica and Chris, my e-friends, who I hadn't talked to since the summer...Joel, my friend from Jonesboro, who I haven't talked to since May...Tommy, and e-friend I hadn't talked to since last year...and that's great. But I got in contact with Melissa Barnes, who I was best friends with in early elementary, until 3rd grade when we had a stupid fight and never talked again. Well, we're e-mailing now and catching each other up on what's happened the past 9 years. :D And she gave me Jen Zysk's e-mail, a friend who I haven't talked to since 6th grade. So yes, life is good.

I had a great Christmas and basically got everything I wanted. I got Tori Amos' "To Venus and Back", the Phantom of the Opera soundtrack(the 2-CD one), Wizard of Oz soundtrack, Bryan Adams' "So Far So Good", the movie Ever After, and Grease that comes with the CD and script. I also got a lot of little things too, like tons of Pokemon stuff for my collection.

I don't understand why people will refuse to listen to different styles of music than they're used to. There's so much great music out there! Epscially show tunes. Why are people so biased against musicals? I'm a HUUUUUUGE Broadway fan! I absolutely love musicals, especially Cats and Les Miserables. I also love the older musicals like The Music Man and such.

I run a mailing list, called The NutHouse, for anyone of any age to talk about anything. Please subscribe by clicking here and typing "join nuthouse your name". Or you can e-mail me at boogle@bscn.com for more information. THANKS!

Well, I've run out of thoughts. More later.

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